About us

ThreePharm imposed itself on the Romanian market of medical supplies and equipments, offering high quality products and services to both private and state owned hospitals. For over 20 years, we deliver professional and integrated solutions for import, promotion, distribution, technical service and post sales assistance. We consider the human capital to be our most important asset, thus continuous training is strongly encouraged. We have set the bases for an organisational culture that supports innovation and flexibility, but still able to instill our team a shared vision and a system thinking. In other words we have chosen the “learning organisation” concept, in order to achieve intangible competitive advantages that helped us withstand successfully in a very shifting business environment of medical equipments and products.


Our standards together with the importance of the medical field impose a mindset focused on advisory collaborations and long term partnerships. We measure success from both quantitative and qualitative aspects and strive for continuous professional development. As much as our role permits it, we are active supporters of a high quality medical act.


Since 1994, we have been successfully providing to private and state owned hospitals throughout the whole Romanian market, an impressive range of premium quality medical supplies and equipments, covering most medical fields. Due to a vast acquired know-how, we add extra value to our portfolio, providing with our own team integrated solutions for import, promotion, distribution, technical service as well as post sale assistance.


The values that guide us are quality, continuity and evolution. We encourage innovative thinking, in order to constantly create tangible and especially intangible competitive advantages. Having this in mind, we have chosen the spiral as our company logo, because it embodies the perfect path to evolution, based on the principle of continuous movement and increasing vibrations.