About us

In 2014 ThreePharm entered the field of energy production from renewable sources, by purchasing 9 small hydro power plants in Transylvania, each one connected to the national energy system. We started with an installed power of 3.2MW, our main focus being to refurbish and modernize the turbines and civil buildings, thus delivering in an even more responsible way, green energy in the national energetic system. We are registered on the administrative OPCOM markets, disposing of all licenses imposed by strict legislative rigors and we are already in the position of selling the produced energy.


We strive to maintain high standards of productivity as well as a balance between economical, technical, social and environmental needs, still managing to deliver in responsible way green energy in the national energy system.


Through modernisation, concrete and sustainable strategies along with continuous improvement of our human capital, we will maximize the technological and economical potential of each small hydro power plant, following our vision and reaching our goals.


The values that guide us are quality, continuity and evolution. We encourage innovative thinking, in order to constantly create tangible and especially intangible competitive advantages. Having this in mind, we have chosen the spiral as our company logo, because it embodies the perfect path to evolution, based on the principle of continuous movement and increasing vibrations.